Fall In Love With BOSU Ball

You can use the Bosu ball with the dome side facing up, so it sits flat on the plastic base, or as a wobble board with the dome side facing down. With your hands behind your head, lift up and bring your right elbow toward your left, reaching across your body. The real-life benefits of balance training using an unstable surface like the BOSU have been scientifically proven.Image result for bosu ball

Place your hands on the BOSU and jump both feet straight back. This is also an excellent way to make easy exercises more challenging; if you can do a full set of pushups, lunges or squats with good form, try doing them on the Bosu trainer and you’ll find yourself working harder. Hardcore powerlifters and bodybuilders often trashed this style of training and avoided training on exercise balls because it didn’t get you bigger or stronger.

Like a stability ball, the Bosu trainer’s rounded top – when you place it dome-side up – offers good support for back and abdominal stretches. As you can see, the bottom of a bosu ball is basically half of a swiss ball – but unlike a swiss ball, the top part is a hard, flat surface. Invented by David Weck, the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world.

For lower body work, keep your feet on solid ground and find other ways to introduce instability. Grip the sides of the platform or place your hands on top of it and perform a push-up, holding your body in a straight line. Grab the sides of the platform bosu barato and take a plank position. You can also place the Bosu trainer dome-side down and use it as a “slant board” to stretch your calves; place the ball of one foot on the edge of the rigid plastic, and rest the heel of that foot on the floor.Image result for bosu ball

You can get a full workout by doing some stretches, then some cardio, then some strength exercises… all on your BOSU ball. But on their own, BOSU® products are just molded plastic, weighted rubber, and stability balls with secret filling. When a running back sprints downfield and gets tackled, the ground never moves underneath him even when his legs or body get hit other players.

Once you learn to stand on a BOSU ball without wobbling, you can do more intense balance exercises, such as knee lifts and yoga poses, to improve your balance further. The Balance Trainer is a great addition to any home gym, offering a variety of activities and exercises to push you past your comfort zone. Meanwhile, many personal trainers went all-in and began using these new toys exclusively, having beginners and deconditioned folks doing nothing but core-intensive Swiss ball-based workouts.